Tuesday 16 May 2017

House of Hoi An

1/40 Green Street, Windsor

House of Hoi An is the new iteration of Vietnamese cuisine in Melbourne. As the first overseas venture by the internationally renowned chef and restaurateur Ms Trinh Diem Vy, who is known as the face behind Taste Vietnam, House of Hoi An brings with it her decades of culinary experience and tradition. 

House of Hoi An

Tones of red

Bar area 

Fried wontons with crab meat - Hoanh thanh chien $18.00

Duck Salad - Goi vit $18.00

The duck salad was a combination of duck, cabbage, green mango, onion, mint, sesame and Hoi An chilli sauce. The duck salad was possibly one of the best salads that I have tried in recent years. The combination of multiple textural elements with fresh flavours, lovely duck and a hint of spice worked wonders together.

BBQ Chicken and lime leaf - Ga nuong la chanh $28.00

The BBQ chicken and lime leaf was a solid dish with well cooked elements. The chicken was tender with a little touch of extra flavour from the grill and the coconut rice, sauce and salad were fresh additions that added an extra touch.

Sauteed prawns in coconut - Tom rim nuoc dua $34.00

Although there were many elements in this dish, the king prawns still managed to shine through as the main attraction of the dish. While I find that some dishes served at other restaurants tend to mask the flavour of their main ingredient with many unnecessary elements, the king prawns in this dish were actually elevated with the use different flavours and textures.

Frozen banana in 3 types of coconut - Kem chuoi $15.00

Usually I avoid ordering desserts, as I find myself disappointed more often than not. However, the frozen banana and coconut dessert was phenomenal. The contrasting textures of the coconut and the frozen banana created a very pleasant mouthfeel, which accentuated the creaminess of dish. 

House of Hoi An brings something new to Melbourne's Vietnamese culinary scene. Many of the Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne have just been churning out the same type of Vietnamese food for many years and while some of these restaurants do it better than others, it can be a bit tiring. House of Hoi An uses similar Vietnamese flavours, but instead of going down the same path, they have created a fresh approach while still adhering to tradition. I would definitely recommend everybody who enjoys Vietnamese cuisine to give House of Hoi An a try!

We were invited and dined courtesy of House of Hoi An.

Food Rating 9/10
Overall Rating 9/10
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